"As a provider working with All About You Counseling and Support Services,  I’ve had the opportunity to work with many great professionals and serve those who most need support in the Las Vegas/Southern Nevada area.  By delivering Psycho Social Rehabilitation services, I’ve learned that it takes support from therapists, providers and families to achieve a greater quality of life for the children and youth that we serve.  I believe that the services we provide are essential in the long term development of our community by bettering youth who struggle with several obstacles and understanding how to grow past them.   With All About You Counseling and Support Services we are supported by some of the best mental health professionals and receive bi weekly clinical supervision to review current clients and support so that we can continue to provide top tier service."

- PSR contractor

"On a side note... I wanted to let you know that I have been very pleased with your workers and agency service.  The workers are extremely knowledgeable and professional.  I appreciate that in an agency, especially when there are so many that are not.  I always refer to your agency to co-workers and clients. 

I thought you should know...."

- Legal Guardian of Client


"Working at all About You Counseling and Support Services has been a great experience for me. The internal culture of the agency is unique in that it values skilled service delivery, child centered advocacy, and ethical practice. I support About You Counseling and Support Services commitment to avoid over-servicing clients and advocating for appropriate service levels. I have been honored to work with highly skilled individuals from basic skills trainers, psychosocial rehabilitation workers, therapists and psychiatrist; all within a highly coordinated environment. For me, this has been a wonderful experience where I feel supported by the team and have been provided with opportunities to help children and their families achieve the healing and growth that they desire."

- Therapist

"I have complete confidence in the services provided by All About You Counseling." The level of services provided are superior." Each client is treated with complete care and professionalism."

- Dr. Nabil Jouni, M.D.